So anyone who has come here before (and has read the about me page) knows that I’m a laboratory technologist. I moved away from my hometown for a job and actually moved to  a whole new province. One of the things that’s both sad and yet exciting about this new province is that my professional society here isn’t very… updated. They do a lot of things the old way and don’t really have any idea of the power of the internet and what it could do for them as far as advertising and creating a community for the technologists in this province.

Except for a few newer people on the board, that is.

What’s really exciting about all of this is that I’ve been recruited to help them build their online presence, and to make their website more user-friendly (your average person can’t even figure out how to navigate the members-only area, let alone post things or do interactive stuff on it).

This is an exhilarating opportunity for me. Not only do I get to help my professional society move forward in terms of technology (for one, we’re bringing it into the social media age), but I’m also getting to do something that I do as a hobby, which is to play around with websites. And I’ll be getting some volunteer hours that would look great on both my professional portfolio (something I have to maintain to keep my license) AND my resume (for obvious reasons, lab-related enterprises like it when you show them you’re not afraid of technology).

It’s going to be seriously awesome. Both getting to create/maintain the website, and the actual website itself. It’s going to be a veritable treasure-trove of continuing education opportunities. So if you’re a technologist (you don’t even have to be one from Canada), once it’s all up and running, I’ll post the link so you can become a member and get some continuing ed credit! A membership is only $49/year… which is a GREAT price for what we have in store for members!