Just kidding! Actually, I got bitten by Starbound fever!

Seriously though, this game is… amazing. It’s kind of like Minecraft. Except instead of having to constantly look up how to do things, you just adventure throughout the galaxy and get recipes to play with–so instead of being about putting every combination of stuff you can together and hoping to Baby Jesus that it’s a combination that will get you material (or just Googling stuff), the game focuses much more on exploration. There’s still mining (if you like that sort of thing), as you’re mining a planet for its resources, as well as vanquishing foes and doing things in order to obtain pixels (which help you make more things). But honestly? I didn’t think I’d get as sucked into it as I did (the same can be said of Minecraft, though, so there you have it).

Here’s a quick shot of the top of my treehouse on my home planet:


Cool, isn’t it?! And I built that all by myself with stuff I found and scavenged or made at crafting tables! (and I’ll be honest–it’s not even half of what I’ve built/am building right now).

There are about five of us that play on a private server together, and while thus far I’ve only seen one other person’s home planet, he’s building a series of skyrails all throughout it (I’m helping him, which is mostly how I know this thus far, as the game is in Beta and I can’t get to his home planet yet unless his ship is orbiting it… which, given how large the galaxy is, isn’t that often), and is planning to make a sort of amusement-park-themed world where while you’re riding the skyrail, you’re basically taken though viewing really cool stuff. It’s actually quite thrilling to be able to build all of these things.

For my part, I’d just really like an entire planet of Floran (my race) things and villages and people. I’d like to build a skyrail going through all of it, too, but only after I build myself something to dye the skyrail green or something (the skyrail colours start out white/silver, but with a dye gun you can change the colours of pretty much anything but your own clothes). So there’s that!

Additionally, the game has this mega-huge modding community that’s contributing to it, too. Want portals to your ship and to a planet that look like Stargates? Done! Want to be able to mod your ship (currently not a game-build option)? Done! Want to make yourself totally OP because your real interest is in seeing what you can build, rather than having to mine more slowly? DONE!

It’s really exciting. And I’m really excited about it. Seriously.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy it on Steam!