Hey everyone,

Hopefully I’ll be able to film/edit a new game review some time next week (my weekend coming up is Monday-Tuesday, so I’m crossing my fingers for those days).

I’ve got a couple of games to choose between, both older (ha, they were both released this year, I think), but I kind of want to share my opinions about them, so maybe I’ll make a video for each of them (that’s likely a little ambitious given that it’s me, but we’ll see where we are when we get there). So… yeah? Look forward to that!

In addition, I’ve been compiling my book list, so my Collection website will soon have more content. And I’ll be adding some more games to it (to keep current with what I have on there currently) and a couple more systems as well. I’m going to start linking it to my reviews as well as soon as I have lists up that correspond to my reviews. Cool, no?

I’m excited about it, anyway. ^_^

Until next time, comrades!