One thing I have definitely prided myself on over the years is the fact that I have a tendency to pick up code relatively easily–more easily than your average bear, say.

But in trying to code this website, I’ve realized that while doable, the sheer amount of work that goes into having a finished front-end and an easy-to-navigate back-end is pretty much ridiculous. And I still have plenty of things that work only through my inputting direct code/doing things myself. I can only imagine how one would code this beast for someone who has no idea how to use PHP, HTML, or Javascript AT ALL. That said, if anyone out there codes websites for those kinds of people, I salute you. I have enough trouble coding for myself, and I understand most of this stuff!

That said, I’m pretty happy with my progress on this site thus far. I mean, my Home page is pretty much all set, this blog is all set up (I’d just like to say that breaking down a template to work in WordPress is a nightmare unless you like that sort of thing), and I’ve got a few other pages (like the About Me and Gallery) that are all done, too. I’m feeling pretty good about where things stand, and while I’ll probably do more coding/content development later today, I am more than willing to say that I’ll have this whole thing up and running (in a Frankenstein sort of way–since I’m awefully confident I have a buttload of redundancies in my source code) by the launch date!

Pretty exciting stuff, I think (since you can’t read this yet, I won’t ask you how you feel about it).

The next thing I’m going to have to try to do is somehow make it so that I can bang out posts in such a way that they are posted on most of my social networking sites. That said, to my knowledge, some awesome developer has probably made a nice WordPress plugin for me to accomplish that (AND THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!)

Until next time, friends!